How to use wunderbrow

how to use wunderbrow

Why to use wunderbrow brow gel?

In the start i don’t know that how to use wunderbrow brow gel? I never really dared to take care of my eyebrows, because I’m not good at symmetry, and I snap my teeth every time when I have tweezers in my hands. On the one hand, I am rather lucky because the shape of my eyebrows does not really worry what prevents me from epilating them even if it is true that they deserve that I take care a little more.

Where it bothers me the most is the filling because the second part of my eyebrows is much less provided and it’s been a while I try to find an alternative to the pencil that leaves even before arriving at work because I had the good idea to rub my face. And the semi-permanent would be the ideal solution! So cracking after reading the article below, and I decided to take the plunge.


What is Wunderbrow brow gel?

Wunderbrow brow gel is a tube that looks rather strikingly to a tube of gloss! Be careful so girls do not confuse your tubes. The tube therefore has an applicator and at first glance seems pretty big. So I take out my own brush. The tube is also accompanied by a very important brush which is for the end of the application.

It is an Innovative product that has Extra-long life with Permafix Gel Technology Very good performance.

It is resistant to transfer, water and lumps Eyebrows with a natural look, easy to draw and create in one step more intensity with Brow Fiber Complex Technology that Puts eyebrows in place.

It is also Anti-aging and also covers white hairs in few steps explained below:

I brush my eyebrows as I can using the brush provided with the wunderbrow gel, trying to give the shape that I wish to my eyebrows.

I repeat the movements in my head like a Carl Lewis before embarking on the triple jump.

Then I throw water on myself and I apply the gel on my eyebrows while trying not to do anything.

How to use wunderbrow?

For the application I preferred to take a beveled brush and not the brush provided with wunderbrow brow gel to try to be as accurate as possible

Specifically, for the application, I started by defining the bottom line by drawing a straight line, then a line at the top before taking care of the arcade. Then i fade it with the little brush.

I start the timer: I have 2 minutes to refine before the gel dries. I take care of my second eyebrow. I take care properly so that I will not get my other brow higher or wider then first one.

Well I feel that my eyebrows are super wide, either I’m not used to it, or I completely missed my eyebrow experience!


This wunderbrow brow gel is great according to my opinion. I have fun to spend my hands on the face without any worry. The color is used is black and brown. Wunderbrow gel also comes in brunette color.

Where to buy wunderbrow?

I usually get it from online store in my city, it is more convenient because in case of any product issue I can return it easily. You can also buy it from here after checking its reviews.

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