10 Best Hypoallergenic Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes – Latest Updated 2023

Hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Hi ladies! So we all know how important an eyeliner is when it comes to doing the perfect makeover because just this one product can not only accentuate your natural features but it is also super fun because you can experiment with all kinds of different looks and even change the shape of your eyes for a different look altogether!

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Eyeliners really do help when it comes to enhancing those gorgeous eyelids and appear more beautiful. Whether it’s a casual outing with a friend or something special such as date night, we all know a good eyeliner can make all the difference in the world! So before you go out shopping for one, you’ve got to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for! And this is why it’s even more important that you do a little research beforehand.

Some of you may have sensitive eyes, so you might need the best hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive eyes instead of going for a regular one. So if that is the case with you too then I am sure you don’t want to scroll through reviews for thousands of hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive watery eyes that are already available on the market, of course, that’s too much work.

So here’s a quick review of the ten best products currently available on the market! Have a quick skim through to find out what kind of hypoallergenic eyeliner is for you!

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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (Review)

stila stay all day liquid eyeliner review

Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner is one of the most famous Hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive eyes in my top 10 list. This liquid eyeliner is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin or watery eyes because it is safe for sensitive skin or eyes too. You can use this eyeliner if you want to get different eye-opening effects as well as you can also get the dramatic look (from thin to thick proper precise lines) or even cat eyes.

This eyeliner is also smudge-proof so it will not run, transfer or feather in any case and you can have the same look all day. It is also available in many colors so you can use it according to your mood or makeup type.

According to its review, the main benefit of this Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner is that it has a fine marker-like tip, so the application becomes easy for everyone even for a novice. So you don’t have to worry about its application if you are not professional.

You can apply it quickly whenever you want. Its usage is also very easy. You can sweep the pen along your lash line. If you want to make a thin or clean line then it is my advice that you use the tip of the pen. Also, don’t forget to shake well before using it because it is better for a liquid eyeliner.

  • It doesn’t smudge, bleed or fade easily and stays on your eyes for long.
  • It gives a sharp look to your eyes because of its pen-like tip.
  • It lasts for many hours during a working day.
  • It sometimes wears off in a very patchy, unattractive way within 5-6 hours.
  • It tends to smudge or fade in the very intense summer heat.

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Self-Sharpening Eyeliner Pencil

covergirl perfect point plus eyeliner review hypoallergenic

Here is another best product on my eyeliner list, that is Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Self-Sharpening Eyeliner Pencil. I think you already know this famous company COVERGIRL. So let’s start with the features of this perfect point plus eyeliner pencil. It is the no. 1 selling product in the United States. This eyeliner pencil provides you with the best look because of allowing full control over its application.

This eyeliner pencil also has a smudge tip on its other end. A good option for those who want their eyeliner to be soft. So for me, it is very easy to apply and gives precise to soft line every time. it also glides on easily due to its smooth tip. Like some other eyeliners, I mentioned in this article, It also contains a built-in sharpening feature, so no need to worry about carrying any sharpening product with you. You can have a proper sharp tip every time you want a perfect line in your makeup.

This Covergirl perfect point plus eyeliner pencil has many shades available in the market so you can choose one according to your mood or makeup style. It is also famous for its feature that it is perfect for any occasion.

If you have a sensitive eye problem then you don’t need to worry about it because it is the best eyeliner with hypoallergenic features. So it is definitely safe for sensitive eyes. It is also tested by top dermatologists. So even if you are a contact lens wearer then you don’t need to fear using this eyeliner pencil.

  • Versatile eye pencil helps create your perfect eyeliner look.
  • It is a water-resistant eyeliner.
  • It has a smudger rubber which helps to blend eyeliner for a smokier look.
  • It smudges if contact with the waterline and then disappears.
  • Its smudger sometimes spoils your eyeliner look.

Almay Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Almay Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Review

Almay waterproof eyeliner pencil is also a good eyeliner for sensitive watery eyes is my list. As we all know that Almay brand is a famous one in the market. So the same goes for the eyeliner pencil which is made by this company. This eyeliner is oil-free and fully water-resistant, which means that you can use it without any worry. It can also last a whole day due to its long-wearing feature.

This Almay hypoallergenic eyeliner pencil comes with a built-in sharpener, so you don’t have to carry a separate sharpener for it in your bag. And you can use it any time you want with the same sharp tip as always. It has many good reviews.

This eyeliner pencil is totally smooth without any kind of dragging thing, so it can easily glide on your eyelids without any catching. You can easily make a good shape by moving up and down this mechanical pencil, in this way you can always get its tip in proper shape.

If I talk about its formula then vitamin E is added to that formula. This Almay hypoallergenic eyeliner pencil is available in 6 beautiful shades all of them are rich with Vitamin E. It is cruelty-free and clean with no fragrance containing in its formation. It is also safe for sensitive eyes due to its hypoallergenic feature. It is also ophthalmologist tested product.

  • It has vitamin E in the formula because it is good for the skin.
  • It is water-resistant eyeliner that won’t rub off or smudge.
  • It is a smooth gel liner pencil that is easy to apply.
  • It is very expensive to buy.
  • It sometimes makes the eyelids itchy and tight.
  • It goes smoother and darker without tugging.

Neutrogena precision liquid eyeliner

Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner Black

Neutrogena precision liquid eyeliner is also included in my top 10 list of best hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive watery eyes. This eyeliner is basically available in jet black color which is highly pigmented and also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of cracking or melting from this one.

By using this Neutrogena precision liquid eyeliner you can have clean and sharp dramatic lines without doing much effort as it smoothly glides on easy and quick. If you want to know the ingredients of this eyeliner then the most important thing about it is that it is formulated with coconut and natural honey. Which are very beneficial organic ingredients.

It is totally smudged resistant, so it never smudges. It also dries quickly so when you apply this eyeliner you don’t have to take the tension of fading or flaking of this eyeliner. It also provides your eyes a long-lasting effect due to its natural properties.

This Neutrogena precision liquid eyeliner also has hypoallergenic property, which means that it is safe for those people who have sensitive eyes but they still want to use eyeliners on their eyes. Its application is also comfortable for sensitive eyes because after application its lines won’t run in any case.

If I talk about its application then the applicator of this eyeliner is very easy to use and it does not fray. So when you apply the product then in only one stroke of it you can get an even line without gaps.

  • It is water-resistant eyeliner.
  • It is easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • It dries quickly and looks great.
  • It is a little hard to remove.
  • It smudges in hot weather due to sweating.

Blinc Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner

blinc Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner Review

Blinc is also a good brand that makes different makeup products. It also has a good name in eyeliners available in the United States. So now I include Blinc semi-permanent liquid eyeliner in my list because of its good features. When you apply this Blinc eyeliner to your eyes then it forms a water-resistant layer of color. That layer basically contours to your eyes.

You might very well know that Blinc is not a cosmetic paint type product like other conventional eyeliners in the market. So it never fades in any case. Also, there is no problem like smudging, running or even it is free from flaking. So you don’t have to worry even if you rub your eyes accidentally or cry it won’t fall. It easily lasts all day without any problem.

It has a highly pigmented color. It is also available in shades like Blue, Purple, Black, and grey. You can also use it if you are a contact lens wearer. As it causes no irritation to the eyes, so It is also safe for watery eyes.

Blinc semi-permanent liquid eyeliner is a hypoallergenic eyeliner. its application is also very easy so you can apply it by drawing a thin line along the upper lid of your eyes. it also glides on easily and gives a nice definition to the eyes.

If I talk about its removal then here is a tip from my side that if you want to remove it then you should use lots of warm water. Also, you need to apply gentle pressure along with the warm water. It will help you to remove this product completely.

  • It forms a water-resistant layer of color that contours the eyes.
  • As it is not painted like eyeliners, so it doesn’t fade, flake even if you rub your eyes.
  • It is smudge-proof, run proof, and smear-proof.
  • It takes about a minute to dry after applying.
  • To remove it you need warm water and a wet cloth otherwise you need scrubbing to remove.
  • The line gets watery sometimes towards the end of the brush stroke and has to be touched up.

Xtreme Lashes Lash Densifying Liquid Eyeliner

Xtreme Lashes Lash Densifying Liquid Eyeliner Review Price

Xtreme lashes lash densifying liquid eyeliner is basically designed for those who want to get a precise and winged look without any hard work. They can use this eyeliner also because it provides a long-lasting effect on your eyelids.

If you want to get natural-looking eyelashes or even if you want any other look this eyeliner will definitely help you and make you more beautiful every time you use it. It has a peptide-rich formula that helps in nourishing eyelashes.

This is a double-sided tip eyeliner, which means that it has a precision tip on one side responsible for filling in the gaps along the lash line, and on the other side there is a style edge angled tip helpful for providing a dramatic look. It also helps you easily to create any look of your choice even if that’s a normal look.

This Xtreme lashes lash densifying liquid eyeliner type is also compatible with eyelash extensions especially with Extreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions, so if you are using one then you don’t have to worry about any buildup problem or it will not break down your eyelash extensions bond thanks to its ingredients which are according to your eyelash extensions need.

Its removal is also very easy as compared to other eyeliner and you don’t have to do a hard rubbing of your eyelids to remove it at the end of the day, so there no scrubbing and tugging. It has no flaking problem. It is also hypoallergenic formula, so it is safe for sensitive eyes. It is also tested by a Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist. So you can also use it if you are a contact lens wearer.

  • It is a pen eyeliner so, it is easy to use and apply.
  • It has a dual-tip technology which gives a more dramatic winged look to eyes with ease.
  • Removing this liquid eyeliner is easy, no more tugging or scrubbing needed.
  • Smudge resistant, long-lasting, and has a peptide-rich formula to nourish natural eyelashes.
  • The thicker side works better than its thinner side.
  • Smudges sometimes when applied more than one time.
  • It is dermatologically tested but doesn’t apply if not suitable.

Almay liquid eyeliner (review)

almay liquid eyeliner review

Here is another Hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive watery eyes from Almay Company. This Almay liquid eyeliner has a unique inkwell bottle design that provides fresh color with every brush dipping. You can get a beautiful look by having this easy to use best liquid eyeliner. To know more you can also read Almay liquid eyeliner review.

This eyeliner has a unique water-resistant formula that can hold for 16 hours, so it never fades in any way. In other qualities, it never smudges due to skip proof formula. This eyeliner is very smooth at the time of application.

Almay liquid eyeliner has a good applicator with flex-tip which helps to provide you mistake-proof control over your eyelids. It is also a totally safe product for sensitive eyes, as it is tested by an Ophthalmologist. So contact lens wearers can also purchase and use this product without any hesitation or fear of any kind of irritation or infection.

As mentioned at the start Almay liquid eyeliner is a hypoallergenic eyeliner that is totally clean and cruelty-free. It also doesn’t have any kind of fragrance included in it. So if you are planning to use eyeliner for daily use then it is a good one, because it can fit with your favorite mascara or eyeshadow easily. You can have any combination of makeup with this one.

  • It is a water-resistant formula that lasts up to 16 hours.
  • Innovative ballpoint tip glides on smooth to easily create trendy graphic looks.
  • It creates custom, dramatic looks with a soft powdery pencil that defines eyes with smooth, even color.
  • It sometimes can cause allergy to the eyes.
  • It sometimes leaves flakes all over the face.
  • It becomes greasy and smudges easily at a very hot temperature.

Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner

Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner Review

Honest beauty liquid eyeliner is also a famous product and a good liquid eyeliner, so that is why I also included it in my top 10 best hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive watery eyes. Like other eyeliner in my list, it also has a flexible tip that helps in the precise application of the eyeliner and it can be controlled easily at the time of use.

This eyeliner is basically developed from plant-derived ingredients that are no harmful to the skin. it has high impact formula (inky-black) which makes its glide easy to create a perfect looking smooth line. Due to that formula, it stays on your lash for up to 8 hours without any doubt.

This Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner never flakes or smudges, so if you are a makeup lover then you can go ahead and start using it to define your eyelash look more precious. It has no parabens, silicones, PEGs, Petrochemicals, and carbon black.

This is a totally vegan and cruelty-free eyeliner. It is tested by the best Ophthalmologist and also a totally hypoallergenic formula for the eyes. You can also get a winged look using this eyeliner. so before starting to make a winged look it is my advice that you shake eyeliner well. Then draw the line on your upper lashes and then extend that same line out to make a wing look.

Don’t worry if you don’t do it for the first time you can also clean it with a cotton swab using natural oils if it goes wrong. Also if you apply it on your eyelashes then at least wait 10 to 20 seconds before starting your eye makeup. It will give eyeliner sometime to set in place. It is a very good way of application of this liner for the best results.

  • it stays put for up to 8 hours.
  • it is developed with plant-derived ingredients.
  • it is light and doesn’t feel like plastic.
  • It sometimes causes dryness on your eyelids if u have sensitive skin.
  • It is difficult to clean and can cause irritation after 8 hours.

Marcelle 2-in-1 Retractable Eyeliner

Marcelle 2 in 1 Retractable Eyeliner Review

Marcelle is also a good brand of cosmetics. I added its Marcelle 2-in-1 Retractable Eyeliner product in my top 10 best hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive watery eyes collection. As from its name it is clear that it has two main features. This eyeliner has two tips, on one side it has a crayon tip and on another side, it has a sponge tip.

The crayon tip helps to give a precise line in your makeup, this is because it contains a built-in sharpener which helps to keep that tip perfectly sharpened every time of use. On the other side, the sponge tip is very well fit for smokey eyes, which means that you can get smokey eyes easily when you use that sponge tip of this eyeliner. It is easy to smudge for smokey eyes makeup because of its ultra-velvety formula.

This eyeliner also has a hypoallergenic formula which makes it safe for sensitive or watery eyes and also for those who wear contact lenses on daily basis. It is also tested by top Dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It suits every type of skin so you don’t have to fear any kind of allergy.

This Marcelle 2-in-1 Retractable Eyeliner is also available in 8 different shades like Black, Brown, Midnight Blue, Azurite, Amethyst, Purpurite, Charcoal, Copper. It also has good packing and design which is good to appreciate.

  • Eyeliner with one crayon and one sponge tip.
  • Easy to smudge to create a smokey eye.
  • It sometimes causes allergy to sensitive eyes.
  • It can smudge sometimes if applied too much coating.

Lavish Liner by Hairgenics Pronexa

Lavish Liner by Hairgenics Pronexa Reviews

Pronexa is also a good brand of cosmetics. I am here to talk about its famous product which is Lavish Liner by Hairgenics Pronexa. It is a pen liquid eyeliner with growth serum that contains good lash growth formula. That formula is very much helpful for eyelash growth.

It also contains castor oil which mostly helps to enhance the look of your eyes. If you use this eyeliner then you can also create a bold cat-eye look, also you can create tight-lining between the lashes using this eyeliner.

This liquid eyeliner comes with a very precise tip brush. It is the plus point because by using that brush you can apply the exact amount of liquid liner to any point you want. It is also a water-resistant formula product and it never smudges. So due to these properties, this eyeliner stays on your eyelids all day and night. Even in the morning if you want to remove it then you need to wash it with soap and water.

This Lavish liner by hairgenics pronexa also has a formula that is revolutionary botanical eyelash serum, biotin which helps in giving a natural boost and also helps in increasing the length and thickness of the eyelashes and eyebrows in only two months. As a result, you can get fuller lashes naturally.

It is very easy to apply, as this waterproof liquid liner easily glides on with only one step. It never smudges and stays in place until you don’t try to remove it by yourself. One important thing you need to keep in mind that if you want to check its results of growing lashes or brows, then you need to use it for at least two months because lashes and eyebrows are the parts of the human body with very slow hair growth rate.

If I talk about its ingredients then this eyeliner is made of high-quality ingredients and it is totally hypoallergenic, so it never irritates even sensitive eyes. If you have any allergy then it is also safe for you because it is fully tested by a dermatologist.

  • It is water-resistant eyeliner.
  • It applies easily and smoothly even over crinkly skin and gives a clear look.
  • It is great in color and stays all day long.
  • In warm weather, it smudges mostly during outdoor activities.
  • It smears sometimes.

Final Words

In the article above are the top 10 best hypoallergenic eyeliner for sensitive eyes. I tried to bring the best ones in front of your table so that you will not face any problem in selecting the top product for your eye makeup. Now you don’t need to worry anymore about your sensitive eyes.

Now you just have to read and select from these products according to your need. I hope this article will help you in choosing the best one. But still, if you have any questions or suggestions you can ask in the comments section of this article.

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