Best Mascara for Watery Eyes – Latest Buyer’s Guide 2023


In this mascara buying guide 2023, I will also talk about the best mascara for watery eyes. As you know that eyes are a very important feature on our face. We all have a great feeling due to it because our eyes can transmit more than we think. Our eyes can be said as a universal language that helps us to communicate with others.

So it is very important that we take care of our eyes in a proper way and never compromise on it. Eye cosmetics play a very important role in psychosocially.

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If I talk about eye cosmetics then there are so many products available in the market to enhance your look. Famous are eyeshadows, colored lenses or eyelash extensions. But the most popular among all these are mascaras. Mascara can help you in transforming the look of your eyes with the touch of a brush. If you want to know more? Here read below.

Here are some important points which I will cover today so that you can easily choose the best mascara for watery eyes.

The most important

Basically, the mascara is a great cosmetics for eyes that brings volume, definition, and shape to the eyelashes. Mascara has some creative benefits, so it serves to nourish or treat eyelashes.

As I mentioned before that there are several types of mascaras with different characteristics or many important benefits. I am going to explain them one by one but for those best mascara for watery eyes.

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The application of mascara is usually very easy and also fast due to its brush. It is said to be a very safe product to use but on the other side, it can also give some reactions in some special cases. As an example for those who have sensitive eyes. So it is necessary to choose the best mascara for sensitive eyes.

The best mascara for watery eyes in the market

In this topic, I would like to tell you about the top 5 best mascara for watery eyes that are available in the market. I have included 5 different types of mascara here with a proper explanation including benefits or drawbacks. It will help you in choosing the best mascara for your sensitive or watery eyes. Now you don’t have to worry if you have watery eyes. You can choose any mascara from these 5 mascaras.

The best mascara for extreme volume

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Waterproof

Neutrogena healthy volume mascara is the best waterproof eyelash mascara. You can use this mascara to plump your eyelashes both from inside or outside. When it is applied then it gives great volume to eyelashes. It also contains sweet almond and olive oil that help in nourishing of eyelashes. Sweet almond also protects eyelash from outside.

This mascara is totally safe for those people who have sensitive or watery eyes. Its application is also very easy. It is a full quantity volume building mascara that gives rich color to eyelash without any clumps or smudges. It is also a safe product for contact wearers. As it is totally dermatologically and ophthalmological tested.

  • It is waterproof mascara
  • Gives volume to eyelashes
  • Gives plump to eyelashes
  • Safe for contact lense wearer
  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
  • It doesn’t fully cover blonde/translucent eyelashes
  • Not safe with some specific cosmetics

The best waterproof eyelash mascara

L’Oreal Mega Volume Eyelash Collagene 24H Mascara


This loreal mega volume collagene 24hr mascara is waterproof which is best for sensitive or watery eyes. This waterproof mascara also gives your eyelash a bigger look by multiplying the volume of lashes instantly on application. It comes with a very specific applicator brush. That brush has more extra spikes to make your eyelashes impactful. It is also large in size as compared to other mascara applicator brushes. These types of brushes help in covering all the eyelashes properly without needing any caking.

This mascara is full of spheres of collagen. That is the active main component of this mascara. Due to waterproof property, this mascara keeps grip and sticks to the eyelashes and help expand the volume of eyelashes to the maximum. This mascara also makes eyelashes stronger in depth. The results of this mascara are mind-blowing, it is durable even if you wear it for 24 hours a day.

  • Long-lasting mascara
  • It gives an intense dark look
  • Contains collagen-rich formula
  • Great for sensitive or watery eyes
  • It is hard to remove
  • It smudges sometimes.

The lightest mascara

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Eyelash Mascara


This Maybelline New York lash sensational eyelash mascara have great lightness with exclusive volume effect. It is also an eyelash extender. That can give your eyelashes lengthening effect when you apply it to your eyelash. You can easily get darken or separated eyelash with this mascara. Your eyelashes will look longer and denser.

It comes with a “fan brush”. That brush contains 6 different sizes of spikes. That will help to cover every dimension of your eyelashes, even the short one will also cover using that brush. Its application is also not so much difficult, you just need to start from the root and then turn the brush so that it will end with its convex part. It will give you the proper lash you can’t imagine.

  • It gives length and volume
  • No clumping at all
  • It is easily removable
  • It is totally waterproof
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Gets wet sometimes
  • Heavy for eyelashes

The mascara with more coverage

Clinique Chubby Lash Eyelash Mascara


This Chubby Lash Fattening mascara gives your eyelashes good volume. This mascara is a very safe product that is tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It is also free from parabens and perfumes so there is no risk of allergy to sensitive skin people. It gives more intense eyelashes with the help of the black pigment ingredient present in this mascara.

Its applicator is also very good. That applicator helps in making thin and short eyelashes a long or dense one. Its applicator can give dreamy or desired eyelashes in just one round of application. The process of its application is that first, you should start with roots of your eyelashes and then move it in a zig-zag movement towards the tip of your lashes. If you need more volume then you can apply it again for your desire.

  • It is allergy-tested
  • It is 100% fragrance-free
  • Rich color gives perfect eyelashes
  • Can be used with sensitive skin
  • Lasts all day upon application
  • It is a little bit chalky
  • Sometimes color fall without rubbing

The best mascara with vitamin complexes

Estee Lauder 34752 mascara


Actually, this Estee Lauder 34752 mascara is specially designed to enhance the volume of eyelashes up to unexpected limits. This mascara contains a great formula that is basically focused on the elevation of the eyelashes. It defines them and also give them a proper marked curved shape. The results you will get in this mascara are many times different from false eyelashes.

The main secret of the success of this mascara is definitely its ingredients. This mascara basically contains three fiber ingredients those ingredients help in enhancing fibers of creamy consistency in this mascara.

In addition, this mascara also contains vitamin complexes with antioxidant properties that help in repair and nourishing the eyelashes. This mascara has full features to give you more beautiful or stunning eyelashes.

  • Best for oily skin
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Contains vitamin complexes and fibers
  • Better than false lashes
  • It is little clumpy sometimes
  • Not fully waterproof

Buying guide: what you need to know about mascara?

First of all, before buying the best mascara for watery eyes it is very much important that you know the main properties of this product. So here I will first tell you properly that what are those properties, you need to consider before buying any mascara. I will also cover some frequently ask questions from the users’ side and answer them in a proper way in this guide.

Do you know what exactly a mascara is?

The mascara is a cosmetics that is basically used to enhance the look of eyelashes. Mascara is applied to the lashes to extend the volume of eyelashes and make them look bigger. It also increases the thickness of eyelashes and by using colors it is also possible to stylize the eyelashes.

That will give a more precious look to your eyes. The first mascara was made by the hands of Eugene Rimmel in 19th century. At that time when it was first invented then it was just a mixture of black soap, carbon oxide, and wax. That was a very irritating thing for people at that time. To apply that mixture people use hands or also sometimes wet brushes.

Why is it recommended to use mascara?

It is obvious that this question arises in your mind that why is it recommended to use mascara? But you ever thought that why we use mascara in every function or party? The answer to this question is that mascara has so many properties which we cannot imagine in our life.

On one side, it has many creative or great benefits. So when it is applied eyelashes get length, proper thickness, dark shade and also greater or thick volume. If you combine all these benefits then it means that you get an intense look with the help of mascara. Mascara also allows you to give unusual colors to your eyelashes, for example, the green, blue or red color. This gives an exclusive look to your makeup, especially when you have to attend a party. Besides this property mascara also support the growth of your eyelashes. It prevents your eyelashes from external agents or dust.

What properties should a good mascara have?

In this century, it is very much easy to find mascara in the areas near us. Because there are so many stores or supermarkets opened near us. They must have mascaras available at their stores. But you know that all the mascaras are not of the same type or best quality. So what should we expect from a good quality mascara?

To give an answer to this question we would like to summarize it and talk about the most important points. In the start it is very important that a good mascara has no side effects it means that it must be harmless.

In an easy way, it means that mascara should never give harm to your skin or eyelashes in any case. On the other side, it is also important that mascara can be applied easily without any complications. It should never leave lumps or uncovered lashes. It must be resistant or durable, it means that it should never get diluted easily and also stays all day on the eyelashes without being cracking.

if we talk about the creativeness of mascara, then it must give proper volume and length to the eyelashes without weighing them down. Eyelashes must be defined with proper shape (Curved) and there must be flexibility in them. A good quality mascara also has a property that it dries in proper time, which means that it never takes too long or never dries instantly. There are features that can help you to find the best quality mascara for your eyes.

What is mascara made of?

Every mascara is made with the help of special components according to its type or properties. However, there are some common components that are used in all the mascaras. These components are water, waxes, oils, treating agents, substances with specific functions and pigments. Each ingredient has its own role in mascara.

For example, mascara has an ingredient named wax that helps to make it waterproof and also protects eyelashes. Oils and silicones present in mascara help to increase its use. The pigments help to give color to the eyelashes. In the end the polymers in mascara help to provide more stickiness to keep it on the eyelashes. So that mascara will not get cracked or fall down.

Below there is a list of some important treating agents that are present in mascaras.

  • Ceramide R: it help regenerates and restructures the hair.
  • Amino acids: It reinforces the hair.
  • Vegetable Sugars: It provides hydration.
  • Panthenol: It helps to increase the volume of eyelashes.
  • Mucopolysaccharides: It moisturizes and strengthens the eyelashes.
  • Keratin: It helps to protect, moisturize and strengthen eyelashes.

What types of eyelash mascara exist in the market?

If I talk about the expansion of the mascara sector then in recent years the mascara sector got a great expansion. Due to this big expansion, many kinds of mascaras are designed to fulfill the need for every kind of eyelashes. The normal mascara can easily soluble in water. It increases the length of eyelashes, gives a dark color effect and also gives volume to lashes.

The most popular quality of mascara is waterproof mascara, this is the most useful feature of mascara. There are also other variants present in the market that have features like colored lashes, it means that they can dye the eyelashes in different colors to enhance the look or beauty of eyes.


How is mascara applied correctly?

Applying the mascara process is usually a very simple thing. But it is important that you perform that whole process in a proper way so that you can get optimal results. Below is the step by step process of applying mascara on eyelashes.

At the start, open the mascara and remove any excess product from the applicator.

Step 1: makeup the upper lashes of your eyes first. Place the brush on the base of your eyelashes and then move it slowly from side to side. So that base will get well impregnated. Then slide the base brush to the tips of the eyelashes by a zig-zag movement of the applicator. In this way make a second layer of product.

Step 2: now to make up the lower lashes, you use only the tip of the applicator brush. If you apply an excessive amount of product on your lash then try to remove it with the help of a cotton swab. But in the case of lumps, you can remove them with a clean mascara applicator.

If you follow these easy tips then your eyelashes makeup will become perfect.

How often can I wear mascara?

There are so many people who feel scared of using mascara every time they go to the party. Because they have a fear in their minds that if they use mascara too many times then their eyelashes can break or also fall down.

But as you know that it is a rumor, so you can easily use your mascara any time you want. It is also the property of mascara that it protects the eyelashes in a proper way. So you don’t need to worry about it now. There is no fixed limit on the usage of mascara because it is totally harmless and a product of many benefits for eyelashes. So you can also use it daily or many times a day without any tension. Its removal is also very convenient as well.

What adverse effects does the use of mascara entail?

In real mascara is a safe cosmetic product which is tested by dermatologist and ophthalmologist. But in some cases, mascara can give some unwanted results or side effects when using it with some cosmetics. That case is mostly due to the very sensitive area of application which is our eyes.

Sometimes by using some other cosmetics the mascara can cause some changes in the ocular surface and in the eyelids. For example, allergy or irritation problems. But these types of problems mostly occur too fast in those people who have sensitive skin, dry eyes or also in those who wear lenses all the time. These types of problems can be avoided if a person uses good quality products according to his skin type. So he should buy a mascara product very carefully.

The most important thing is that a person also needs to take care of the expiration date of the cosmetics. Usually, mascara has an expiry of 3 months so you should never use mascara if it is expired. Never share your makeup specially mascara with anyone. It can also cause allergy or skin problems. And it is better if you choose a well-known brand at the time of buying.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash mascara?

As you know that every cosmetic product has advantages along with some disadvantages, so mascara also has both advantages and disadvantages. Mascara is the most important product as it is widely used and also has good results. So it is also important for you that you know what are its good points or drawbacks.

  • It gives a bigger Eyelashes.
  • Eyelashes get longer.
  • It gives color to lashes.
  • It also nourishes eyelashes.
  • Sometimes cause irritation.
  • People may have an infection or Allergy.

Purchase Criteria for mascara

Do you know what are the important aspects to consider at the time you go in the market to purchase the best mascara for watery eyes?

No? Let me show you some important ones so that you will not face any difficulty in buying the best one for yourself. Because this decision is very much important for your best look too.

Here are those important aspects

  1. The main characteristics of your eyelashes
  2. What type of skin you have?
  3. Purpose of purchasing mascara or your desired results
  4. Composition of that mascara
  5. Quality of that mascara

The main characteristics of your eyelashes.

It is very normal to think about the characteristics of eyelashes when buying cosmetics for your eyes. You should first notice that what the qualities of your eyelashes are.

Your eyelashes may have longer or lesser length, it may be curved or smooth, even if it thicker or less thick. So it is very much necessary that you choose mascara that facilitates your eyelashes properly.

Here is an example suppose if you have long or thin eyelashes then you should choose a mascara that will help your lash by giving it a volume effect. If your eyelashes are shorter then you should choose a mascara that will help to define your eyelash or give it a proper lengthier effect. So that your eyelashes will look longer than before. One more tip is that if your eyelashes are straight then you can use a mascara that will give curly effect to your lashes.

What type of skin you have?

The next important thing I mentioned above that after looking at the characteristics you should notice what type of skin you have?

Normally no one notices this at the time of purchasing mascara, but for me, it is an important factor, because our eyelashes are surrounded by skin. So the skin will definitely get effected when we apply mascara products on our eyelashes.

For example, if you have dry skin then you will notice that it will produce more sweat as compared to dry or normal skin. So, in this case, I recommend using a waterproof mascara. Because it will not have any effect due to sweat and you will remain safe from any kind of spots or damage.

In the case of sensitive skin, a person should avoid using compounds especially like perfumes or other cosmetics like this. Whereas for normal or dry skin type a person can use any mascara of choice.

Purpose of purchasing mascara or your desired results

After selecting the type of skin, we must make a decision first that why we are going to purchase mascara? And what are the results we want from it? For example, if you want to give more volume to your lashes then it is important that you choose mascara that will give volume effect to your lash.

If you want to get some more length to your lashes then you should go towards purchasing the mascara with lengthening effects. This same thing is needed to be checked for your desired results. In addition, if you want that your mascara will stay long, like for one whole day or more then you should go towards the waterproof mascara because it has more long-lasting effects than other mascaras.

One more thing that if there is any event or party then there is more variety or mascara present in the market that provides color to lashes. So it is totally depended on you and your desire that which product you need at that time. Just choose the best one for yourself.

Composition of the mascara

The components or the ingredients of any mascara is also an important factor to consider. Due to components, mascara gets many properties that are related to our health. Different mascaras have different components according to their functionality.

For example, to get a lengthening effect from a mascara it will definitely contain components that will help to show or give a lengthier effect to eyelashes. This will give the desired results to its customers, but it is important to know that those ingredients or components may not give harm to the customer. Especially for those who have sensitive skin or for those who can get allergy due to those components.

Quality of that mascara

In my opinion, quality is the most important factor to notice when buying a mascara from the market. I already talk about our eyes which is the most important and sensitive part of our face. So it is very much necessary that quality should be analyzed so that our eye will not get any infection or irritation. That can happen at any level in eyes, even on eyelids. This can be avoided if we choose good quality mascara.

One more question arises in our minds that how we do this? The answer is that we can check the brand of that mascara and make sure that either that is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested or not?

After that, we can check about its composition and then we can also verify that mascara from the laboratory. We can also take the advice of those people in this market who are expert in mascara cosmetics.


In short, mascara is a very good product for every person. It is really a fast and effective product that can give you a great look in less time. The advantages of mascara are many like it is so much creative and also help nourish the eyelashes.

Mascara is a safe cosmetics that can be afforded by any user. There are multiple types of mascara present in this market so everyone should choose according to his needs.

Are you looking for a great look with good strength and personality? Do you want your eyes to stand out in a natural or beautiful way? You can make your eyelashes a dream lashes by providing them proper length and volume. This is possible just by using a magic wand that is your mascara.

By using mascara you will see how small details changing can make you look more beautiful. So my question is do you dare to try it? If you like my article about the best mascara for watery eyes, then leave a comment or share it with your friends on social media networks. To read more articles about makeup products visit the link below



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