Best Curling Mascara Drugstore – Latest Buyers Guide 2023

top 10 best curling mascara drugstore

Did you know that most of us won’t get longer lashes by birth? It’s a sad reality! But hey, in this day and era every problem has a solution right?

If I simply divide the masses into two parts (those with long eyelashes and those with short ones) then most of us will definitely fall on the short and stubby side. But you don’t need to worry about it. As I am going to tell you something interesting about the best curling mascara drugstore in this article.

You probably already know that mascara is the most indispensable part of your makeup and also the most easily noticed when you go out. So it’s only crucial that you pick the best one, right? Essentially one that you never miss keeping in your makeup pouch! So in this article, I will be guiding you on how to choose the best eyelash curling and lifting mascara drugstore 2023!

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After years of research on mascaras, I’ve got many things to share with you about them! Rest assured, now you will be able to give a good boost to your lashes with these hacks I’ve come up with!

So for instance, if you wear makeup of any kind with smokey eyes, you can use mascara to give them more volume. I’ve noticed that women mostly want to get a mascara that helps them in giving length and volume to their lashes so that they will appear longer and thicker.

But is that really enough for them? To only get length using mascara? What if their eyelashes fall flat?

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In that case, they can choose the best curling mascara drugstore to lift their eyelashes. Because by using a curling mascara on the lashes, your eyes will look bigger and beautiful. So if you get a mascara with both lengthening and curling features then it will prove to be a really good option for you!

So now it’s time that you scroll down and select from the top 10 best curling mascara drugstore. I have ranked these mascaras on the basis of recommendations and reviews given by experts so that you can only choose from the best ones in the market!

L’oreal Voluminous Curved Brush Mascara

loreal voluminous curved brush mascara review

This loreal voluminous curved brush mascara by Loreal Paris makeup is the most famous mascara in the top 10 list. So let’s talk about in detail about this best drugstore mascara 2023.

This mascara has a unique formula that resists clumping. You will get soft eyelashes when you apply this mascara and also it helps to increase the thickness of your lashes almost 5x naturally. You can have a great curl effect using this best curling mascara drugstore. It contains panthenol and Ceramide-R that helps in the protection of your lashes from different problems.

After the application of this mascara, you will feel that your lashes become softer to touch. This mascara is accompanied by a curved brush due to which its application is a little easier as compared to other straight ones. That brush also helps quickly in making your eyelashes thicken, it also lifts and structure lashes to provide you with a full and bold look. You just have to start from the base of your lashes carefully and then gently try to sweep up to the tip.

According to this top loreal mascara reviews its removal is also very easy, which means you can remove it with soap and water. So you don’t have to worry about any makeup remover. It comes in black and black-brown color, so you can choose the best one according to your makeup tone.

  • This mascara is formulated to resist clumping.
  • It helps in softening the lashes.
  • This formula thickens and builds lashes in a single application for a full and dramatic look.
  • Due to its curved wand so much mascara comes out and you have to wipe most of it.
  • Don’t do 3 coatings at a time as it can cause clumps on eyelashes.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara


The Maybelline lash sensational washable mascara is also the great product launched by Maybelline Company. It is the most famous one among the mascaras launched by this company. So let’s move directly to the details of this best drugstore mascara 2023.

This mascara is basically an exclusive mascara for those who want to get a good look even if you use it to curl your lashes. This helps in giving length and volume to the eyelashes. This Product is also tested by ophthalmologists, so you will not get side effects. This Product contains the formula due to which when you apply this mascara then it dries quickly. So your product will not waste in any case. It can last longer without smudging.

This mascara is free from clumps and it is not too wet, so you don’t need to wipe it all the time. It is also safe for contact lens wearers. It comes in three washable color types (washable blackest black, brownish-black, and very black) and two waterproof color types (Waterproof brownish-black and very black) also known as best waterproof mascara 2023. If you prefer a natural look then applying one single coat of this product can give you your desire look.

It also has great fanning and curved shape brush with ten layers of bristles. That brush has basically two benefits; one, the inner bristles can easily cover the small lashes. Two, the outer bristles give good length and volume to the lashes to give a proper dark and defined look. In this way, it covers the whole inner and outer lashes perfectly.

  • This mascara is quite smooth to apply and it does not clump.
  • It gives a dramatic look to your eyes.
  • As it is a washable mascara so it is easy to remove from lashes.
  • It lasts for around 8 hrs with no smudging and flaking.
  • As it is washable and not waterproof, so it can smudge in case of watery eyes.
  • More than 2 coats result in clumping.


Maybelline Great Lash Curved Brush Mascara

Maybelline great lash curved brush mascara review

Maybelline great lash washable curved brush mascara is also the famous mascara in my list of top 10 best curling mascara drugstore. This mascara is said to be America’s most favorite mascara and also known for its good results. This means that people in the USA like it mostly. They also purchase it every time they want to curl their lashes.

This mascara helps to thicken eyelashes as it thickens. There are no possibilities of clumps or Globs in this mascara. It has a lash doubling hypoallergenic formula, which works great when applied on the lashes. Due to this formula, you can easily get the more voluminous effect and your lashes look great.

As you know that this mascara is washable, so you can easily wash your face to remove this mascara. In safety, it is the best drugstore mascara for contact lens wearers. It is already tested by top ophthalmologists. So there are no side effects of using this mascara.

This mascara has a curved brush available to give curling effect to your lashes. You can lift your lashes using this curved brush and also define them in a proper manner. You can get a more sophisticated makeup look in this way without using any eyelash curler or any other tool.

There are some important shades available of this curling mascara in this market. Most famous among them are blackest black and very black. You can choose which color suits you according to your beautiful eyes.

One important tip about its application is that when you apply this mascara on your lashes then keep building coats until you don’t get your desired volume. Don’t let it dry if you have to apply another coat for more volume. Apply it from roots to tip for good results. Like other famous washable mascaras, this one can also be removed easily by using only water no need to have makeup removers.

  • The wand is great for lengthening and volumizing each individual lash.
  • Last all day long.
  • No smudging or flaking.
  • This mascara is extremely wet, before applying wipe some product off the wand for best results.
  • Major clumps and globs can be made when applying too much coating.


Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Washable Mascara

maybelline mascara yellow bottle

Maybelline volum’ express the colossal cat eyes washable mascara comes next in my top 10 mascara list. From the name of this mascara, it is clear that it can give colossal look to your lashes if you choose this mascara. Also, you can get cat eyes to look from it. This mascara instantly plumps lashes and has no clumps. It means that this product is totally clumping free.

You can apply this mascara for a bold and open-eyed look. This is one of the best features of this best curling mascara drugstore. It also lasts about 18 hours without any side effects. That means that now you can have a curling effect for almost one day.

The great thing in this mascara is that it is known to give high volume to the lashes in a very short time of application. When you apply one coat of this mascara then you will get about 9x volume, and after the second application it reaches up to 15x volume on your lashes.

This mascara is also tested by ophthalmologists and said to be the safest mascara for contact lens wearers. It comes in two versions one is a waterproof mascara and another is washable mascara both come in glam black and classic black shades.

This mascara is accompanied with a mega brush. That brush is also paired with a 2x collagen-infused formula that helps in providing bolder look all day. The shape of this brush is also curved that is made for giving curling effect to your lashes. Its design is also handy and easily grip the eyelashes in a proper way.

Many people like this mascara, that’s why it is also said to be the top-rated mascara by Maybelline for over 10 years. There are many fan reviews available of this mascara. You can try it and check its results on your lashes. This mascara is also known as best drugstore mascara 2023

  • The collagen formula and claw brush spike out the lashes at the corners for a wild cat eye look.
  • This mascara instantly gives volume with no clumps.
  • It is suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • It is tested by ophthalmologists.
  • Drying of mascara in between coats can lave your lashes with clumping and sticky lashes.
  • The chemical smell is not good which irritates sometimes.


Essence I Love Extreme Curl and Volume Mascara

i love extreme curl and volume mascara

Essence I love extreme curl and volume mascara is a good mascara product by an essence cosmetics brand. You might already know that I love extreme is a very famous family of essence mascaras. So this best curling mascara drugstore is also a part of this family and it is famous in giving strong curl to eyelashes.

This mascara comes with a good twisted brush made of plastic material. Using that brush you can easily make strong curls to your lashes. With the name of this mascara, you should know that you can also get the good volume as well as a great curl look.

This mascara has one more important feature that is a deep black texture with the push-up effect which can give your eyelashes a good shape. In this way, you can also get a great eye-opening effect in very little time.

When applying this mascara on long lashes only one coat is enough and it gives perfect volume. The formula it contains help in supporting the curl and hold that effect for about one whole day. This mascara is also cruelty-free and free from flaking. If I talk about price then it is not so much expensive in price.

You can use any waterproof eye makeup remover to remove this mascara from your lashes, so this is not a problem at all. It does not mean that this product is waterproof. It is just because you can save your time by using a waterproof makeup remover.

  • It strongly curls and gives eyelashes extreme length and volume.
  • It doesn’t create clumps.
  • It gives the hair a “push up” effect.
  • More than 2 coatings or too much coating can make the lashes hard.
  • It doesn’t add extra volume to the lashes sometimes.
  • It does flake off or smudge after a long day.


Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Flared Washable Mascara

maybelline falsies flared waterproof mascara

Maybelline company is also responsible for another best curling mascara drugstore, which is Maybelline Volume Express the Falsies Flared Washable Mascara. It contains the flexible-hold formula that helps in building natural volume on the lashes. That volume will go up and comes out from the corners of your lashes. This give a great effect on eyelashes. It is also ophthalmologist tested.

This mascara has a very unique patented spoon curler brush. That is basically very flexible and helps to give a more clear impact on the lashes. In this way, lashes become more visible and give you a more beautiful look.

This mascara is also available with a washable feature. That means that you can now easily wash your face while wearing mascara. And you can remove it using water only instead of using any makeup remover. It is also safe for you if you wear some kind of contact lens. So you don’t have to worry about your lenses as you will not get any damage to your eyes.

This mascara has two shades available in this market, one is the blackest black and the other is very black. So you can choose the shade of your choice. According to my research, this product is basically designed to give you more natural eyelashes as well as a dramatic look in your makeup. This mascara is also ranked as the best drugstore mascara in 2023.

  • Its flexible wand helps to lift and separate to deliver the look of more lashes.
  • It would not make the lashes look like falsies.
  • It adds a natural volume to the lashes.
  • It is great for daily use or when you don’t want to do too much makeup.
  • Curls the lashes very well.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Clumps a bit and make the lashes stick together.
  • It doesn’t add extra volume to the lashes and gives a natural look.


Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara

covergirl clump crusher waterproof mascara

Covergirl clump crusher mascara it another mascara in my top list of best curling mascara drugstore. It is the product of the Covergirl brand. I did research on this product and also applied it to my lashes.  So let’s move towards the features of this mascara without wasting any more time.

This clump crusher mascara is famous in giving 20 times more volume to the eyelashes without any clumps. That means that the rate of the clump is 0 percent and you can get rid of spidery lashes. Even you can have a bigger volume on your lashes by applying more coats of this mascara. It will keep your lashes separate while give you an ideal look every time. Its quality is very good like other Covergirl mascaras.

This mascara also contains a curved brush that has a straight bristle edge. That can easily fit the curves of the eyes. Which will help you to apply volume from roots to tips of your lashes? It is also available in some interesting colors like Black, Black Brown, Brown or Very Black. This mascara is also available in both regular and waterproof versions.

If you are thinking that how to remove Covergirl clump crusher mascara then I tell you that it is very easy to remove. You don’t need any specific makeup remover for this product. This mascara is also safe for sensitive eyes and fully tested by ophthalmologists.

Its tube design is also good which helps its wand to only get the required amount of mascara on it. That means that when you pull the wand out from this tube then the excess amount falls back in the tube. So you don’t have to wipe extra using your hands.

  • It gives lashes a flawless look and this mascara doesn’t clump.
  • It is the mascara that amps up the lashes with more length and volume.
  • It has a clump crushing, double-sided brush with lash-loading that gives you a full voluminous lash look.
  • It is an innovative clump-free mascara
  • It leaves your lashes to look long and natural.
  • It doesn’t last for all day, after about 5 to 6 hours its starts to flake off which is unfortunate.
  • It does smudge under the eyes and can cause irritation in the eyes.


Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara

covergirl super sizer mascara waterproof

Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Waterproof Mascara is one of the famous products of Covergirl Company. That’s why I put it in my top 10 best curling mascaras drugstore list. As mentioned in the name you can get super-sized curl and volume very quickly by using this mascara. It can give you a 400% bigger volume for full eyelashes.

There is one more thing interesting in this mascara that if you have small eyelashes then you can get a big size look on your lashes just by applying it carefully. That effect will remain the whole day that means 24 hours.

This mascara comes with a big curl brush that gives bigger coats on lashes from root to tip without leaving any part of your eyelash. So that’s why you can get beautiful lashes with this mascara. Its application is also very easy, so you just have to twirl when you apply mascara on your lashes.

It is ophthalmologist tested. And also you don’t have to worry if you are a contact lens wearer, because it is also safe for contact lens wearers. It is also the best drugstore mascara for sensitive eyes. If you have to remove this mascara from your eyelashes then for this you can get any oil-based makeup remover and easily remove it with that remover.

  • It is a smudge-proof mascara and adds volume to your lashes.
  • Its big curl brush coats lash from root to tip.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • It can cause clumps if applied too much coating of it which may result in irritation in the eyes.
  • It doesn’t last long and disappears after 5 to 6 hours.


Rimmel Super Curler 24Hr Mascara

best rimmel mascara super curler

Rimmel London is a well-known British cosmetics brand that sells its products in the world. If you want to look for the best curling mascara drugstore of this company then I think that you should go with the Rimmel Super Curler 24Hr Mascara.

This mascara is a special effect mascara that can give curling effect to your lashes up to 24 hours. Upon application of this mascara, you will notice instant curls on your lashes. Now you don’t need to use your lash curler anymore. You can use only super curler mascara for this. You also don’t need to pinch or pull your lashes for this curling effect.

This mascara has a great curling formula and fixing polymers that help in fixing your lashes after giving them proper curl.

With the application of this mascara, you will get the proper color as well as volume. You can use this mascara to get a glamorous or natural look. As I already mentioned above that this mascara can last about 24 hours, so now you can have curling look whole day or night. It provides a 90-degree angle curl which is a great complement for eyelashes.

This mascara can also be said as a multitasking mascara, which means it can give a lengthening effect to your lashes as well as a thicker effect at the same time.

Rimmel Super Curler 24Hr Mascara also has good customer reviews. This Product is very lightweight as compared to other mascaras in the market. Definitely a great product for those who are searching for lightweight curling mascaras.

This mascara contains an eye-shaped brush that is used for its application. The shape of that brush helps to apply the curling effect from the roots of lashes and extend that effect from the tip. Also, this brush helps in lifting the lashes properly. In this way, it gives clump-free volume. It is also dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

  • It gives a natural effect to the lashes and a nice volume too.
  • It opens lashes, coats inner lashes very well.
  • It does n’t clump lashes.
  • It leaves the lashes beautifully curled for a long time.
  • It lasts for 6 to 8 hours hardly if not applied correctly.
  • It doesn’t give as much volume as expected.


RIMMEL LONDON Wonderluxe Volume Mascara


As I told above that Rimmel London is also a well-known British company. So after proper research, I include this RIMMEL LONDON Wonderluxe Volume Mascara in my list of top 10 best curling mascara drugstore. So if you want a London Look then you can have this mascara in your makeup bags all the time.

 This mascara is a good combination of 4 luxurious oils, which means that it contains argan, marula, maracuja, and camellia oil in it. These oils play a very important role in giving eyebrows proper smoothness. This mascara is also smudge-proof and flake proof.

By using this mascara you can have a full-bodied volume on your eyelashes, whenever you need that. It is also dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. So feel free to use this great mascara and it is also safe or best drugstore mascara for sensitive eyes.

The application of this mascara is not a problem because it is also very easy like other mascaras on my list. You just have to use the curl wand that comes with this mascara. For great application just apply it in a zig-zag motion so that you will get more volume on your lashes.

One more tip is that if you want to make your eyelashes look bigger then you can apply another coat in the same way and believe it your eyelashes can touch your eyebrows in this way. This effect will remain for a long time so you don’t have to apply it again and again in a single day. To remove this mascara from your eyelashes you can use any good makeup remover which you like because it is very easy to remove it from any makeup remover.

  • It gives your eyelashes an amazing look by giving a nice length and volume to the lashes.
  • It has a curved applicator wand which makes it apply on all the lashes easily.
  • This mascara didn’t and will never leave your lashes hard or waxy.
  • Does not smudge, flake off even for 6 hours outdoor.
  • It dries very slowly.
  • It sometimes ruins the curls of lashes.
  • It is quite liquid inconsistency.


In the above article, I covered the top 10 best curling mascara drugstore after doing proper research in the market. My team worked days and night to gather information about the top mascaras so that you can get all of them in one place. They have rated it from 1 to 10 according to the popularity and quality.

It will definitely help you to choose the best one for your eye makeup needs. However, if you still ask about my personal opinion then I think that the best one is l’oreal voluminous curved brush mascara in all the 10 mascaras. If you want to get more beauty product reviews you can visit our website more often.



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